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Mechanical Manufacturing
One of the biggest problems with solar energy is that the sun doesn’t shine 24 hours a day. This means that unless users are only planning on using electricity when the sun is shining, some form of energy storage system is required.
A shoe box-sized mobile laser scanner has been developed that can survey road surfaces and pinpoint the areas that need repairing.
Scientists looking for life on Mars are studying the driest desert on Earth.
Here’s a cat that will do more whirring than purring: a robotic cheetah cub designed to trot at the fastest clip of any legged machine in its class.
Quadcopters are becoming more and more popular with radio-controlled model enthusiasts, but sometimes ... sometimes you still just want to remotely-control a car.
With expert knowledge of an amateur mechanic, a police officer in the U.S. has turned old Aircraft into car
At about 100 times the strength of steel at one sixth the weight and with impressive electrical conductive properties, carbon nanotubes (CNTs) have promised much since their discovery in 1991.
Russian Minister of Defense, Sergei Shoigu, has made the decision to replace soldiers with robots. The military is planning to expand the use of robots for mine-clearing and dealing with emergency situations.
Members Institute of Ling Kwang in Singapore is very interesting exercise every morning with robot dog Eric.
When you walk into this futuristic restaurant, a robot graciously greets you: “Earth Person, Hello, Welcome to the Robot Restaurant.”
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