» Today: 25/03/2023
In the United States, more than two million people are affected by age-related macular degeneration. In France, the number is one million. Researchers at Yale University have identified which cells are involved in this cause of blindness.
In recent years, deep learning techniques have made remarkable advances in many language and image processing tasks. These advances include visual speech recognition (VSR) – a task that requires determining the content of speech simply by analyzing lip movements.
Today, patients are only diagnosed with Alzheimer's after they show obvious signs of the disease, such as memory loss. At that point, the best treatment options are to slow the progression of symptoms.
Many barbers across Belgium are participating in a campaign to collect cut hair for an environmental project.
Consuming fat molecules produced by gut bacteria can prevent peanut allergic reactions, this experiment has been successfully tested on mice.
Researchers at Tel Aviv University and the Israel Institute of Oceanic & Marine Research (IOLR) are seeking to perfect the technology to produce seaweed that is extremely rich in protein, fiber and minerals essential to human needs, as well as for wide application in the medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, etc.
In research published in the journal Small Methods in December 2022, scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a new technique for making ultra-thin, flexible solar cells active, durable and lightweight.
Cochlear implantation is a complicated procedure in which some nerves can be damaged if the surgeon is not very careful. The recently developed "smart" surgical drill has a new design that can help doctors by automatically shutting down if it gets too close to those nerves.
Although tracking malaria infections in at-risk areas is important, obtaining blood and analyzing blood samples can be challenging. A newly designed device can help solve this problem because it uses light to detect disease in seconds.
On August 23, at a meeting between the Institute of Technology Application and Minister of Science and Technology and leaders of a number of units under the Ministry, Director Nguyen Phu Hung said that over the past 38 years, the Institute has been one of the leading units laid the foundation for the development of optical-electronic technology, laser technologies in Vietnam.
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