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Langbiang roses: Quality brand of Lam Dong flowers
Lac Duong district is famous for its rose gardens that bloom all year round, stretching all over the streets of the town. Langbiang Rose is not only a famous brand but also helps people have a stable economy.

Lac Duong district is known as the land of roses. This is the place that has contributed to promoting Lam Dong's flower brand throughout the country.

Rose cultivation for many years in Lac Duong town has brought a stable economic source to many farmers. The transformation of plant structure from vegetables to flowers is highly appreciated by the authorities and people, completely suitable to the local climate and soil.

According to people here, roses and gerberas are two types of long-term flowers with high economic value, grown more than other flowers. People around the town still grow coffee, corn and vegetables, but Lac Duong soon became famous for growing flowers, especially roses, which are harvested 6 to 8 years after transplant. Many families have developed their economy and changed their lives from agriculture. After 5 years, we can't help but be surprised because the locality has more spacious new houses, many households buy trucks by selling commissions...

For a long time, people here have early access to high-tech agriculture, so the quality of crops is always trusted and supported by customers all year round. So far, you will be fascinated and overwhelmed by the charming beauty of the large rose gardens that are taken care of by a closed process in the greenhouses made of iron and steel quite firmly.

Roses, in addition to the local purebred varieties, also have many foreign varieties imported from Europe that are hand-grafted by experienced farmers on wild rose roots, creating many different types and colors such as O' hara rose, bridal red rose, chili red rose, mina rose, French rose, London orange, Dutch ice cream and etc.

Currently, the whole town has about 300 households specializing in rose cultivation with over 300 hectares, accounting for 90% of the district's rose growing area. The improvement of soil, seedlings, intercropping and the application of high-tech agriculture in rose production are always focused and proposed by the agricultural sector of Lac Duong District in seminars and exchanges on building sustainable agriculture, transfer training to people.

It is known that from July 15, 2021, the People's Committee of Lam Dong province issued Document No. 4920/UBND-VX1 allowing the People's Committee of Lac Duong district to file and register a product certification trademark "LangBiang Rose". Accordingly, to build the "Langbiang rose" brand, on September 24, 2021, the People's Committee of Lac Duong district issued a table of regulations on the management and use of the appropriate trademark to take strict measures in coordinating between supply and demand, in order to bring the rose brand to fly further. Thereby, capture timely information and create all conditions for businesses and individuals in the process of cultivating and purchasing roses for transportation inside and outside the province.

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