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Artificial Intelligence application fights against scenario attack
This is an anti-virus software that integrates the Anti- Attack Scenario Technology (Scenario Attacks Prevention), officially launched by Bkav Technology Group on May 7.

Accordingly, Bkav 2019's Artificial Intelligence (AI) automatically analyzes, detects early and prevents scenario attacks, such as spying attacks in the APT region, data encryption attacks, attack virtual money.

According to statistics from Bkav's virus monitoring system, globally there are more than 1.5 million virus samples posted online every day, most of them are malicious scripts that attack the script.

The main purpose of this type of malicious code is to maximize the exploitation of information and data in order to profit and earn money. With the huge resources that hackers have earned, the distribution of malicious scripts that attack the script has become a billion-dollar black industry.

In Vietnam, in 2018 there were more than 60% of the corporate network system is infected with this type of malicious code, causing damage to users up to 14,900 billion VND.

Mr. Vu Ngoc Son, Bkav's Vice President for Anti-Malware (Anti Malware), said: “The most dangerous is malicious code attacks because they are highly human.

Bkav created SAP technology to monitor any unusual behavior on the computer even though it is the smallest, bringing them into the statistical system, scoring points. Thereby, artificial intelligence is used to automatically point out the imminent dangerous scenarios to users, to issue commands to stop and destroy threats promptly."

Bkav 2019 has a strong upgrade of personal firewall, especially equipped with anti-attack feature through SMB vulnerability. This is a vulnerability once exploited by malicious code WannaCry, while there are still about 50% of computers in Vietnam that exist this vulnerability, at risk of virus attack at any time.

Bkav 2019 has also been significantly improved in performance, helping to increase virus scanning speed by 30% faster than version 2018. At the same time, strengthening the power of protection technology, preventing bank account theft and protection of password and etc.

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