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Vietnam promoted technology application in copyright protection
In the face of widespread piracy, the development and application of technology to manage and protect gray matter and protect intellectual property in the network environment is extremely necessary.

The convenience in the current digital environment helps to create conditions for authors to bring their works to the public more quickly and widely, and for internet users to easily access their works. However, it is the "assistance" of technology that also makes the situation of copying, cutting, and merging works illegally and creating many copies. Even an elaborately invested content, in a short time, was illegally exploited, copied and spread widely. The easiest to imagine is in the field of cinema, many movies that have just showed theaters are immediately discovered on pirated websites.

Therefore, many countries around the world have successfully applied technological solutions to combat piracy.

Vietnam initially has solutions to catch up with the general trend of the world. On February 17, 2022, the WIPO Copyright Treaty (WCT) took effect in Vietnam, marking Vietnam's official participation in the international copyright protection playground, implementing its commitments on copyright protection, including copyright protection in the digital environment.

Accordingly, solutions are understood as using technology including: software, components and other devices to create a "locked door", helping to protect the safety of data about works. Specifically, the technology will be used to focus on solving access control issues, such as passwords, fee walls, time limits, concurrent users limit, etc.

Along with access control, technology solutions also aim to effectively control usage rights by allowing authors and copyright holders to limit the behavior of internet users even when they have access the work. Specifically, it is possible to issue "commands" to block downloads, block copying or read-only works..., thereby limiting the act of "stealing" works. Some new search technologies can also help detect and take measures to remove video and audio recordings that infringe copyright. Technology is also used to scan digital content. When detecting an infringement, the system will report on the object as well as the extent of the violation. Thereby, the agencies and organizations that have been infringed on piracy can transfer it to the functional unit for handling according to regulations.

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