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Recycle your hair into a product that collects pollutants
Many barbers across Belgium are participating in a campaign to collect cut hair for an environmental project.

The hair recycling project will use the collected hair, put it into a treatment machine to turn them into hair mats that can be used to absorb oil and other hydrocarbons that pollute the environment, or make bio-composite bags. learn.

Patrick Janssen - one of the founders of the project said that each kilogram of hair has the ability to absorb 7-8 liters of oil and hydrocarbons and these hair mats can be placed in the sewer to absorb pollution in the water before flowing. to the river.

The project's website lists the properties of hair, according to which each strand has the ability to withstand 10 million times its own weight, its ability to absorb fats and hydrocarbons, and is soluble in water. water and highly elastic thanks to the keratin fibers.
Isabelle Voulkidis, manager of the Helyode salon in Brussels - one of dozens of hair salons across the country that pay a small fee to participate in the project to collect cut hair. According to Ms. Isabelle Voulkidis, normally hair is only collected and then thrown in the trash, but with the new values of hair as mentioned by scientists, she and the staff in the store actively collected the hair that had already been collected. cut to serve the above project.

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